About Zoey

Zoey England is currently an honors student at the University of Connecticut, where she is earning an Individualized Bachelor’s degree entitled Population Health, Policy, & Disease as well as a FastTrack Master’s in Public Health.

Zoey is the founder of PhyMap, a tool for technologically independent epidemiological mapping. Inspired by her experiences giving a TEDx talk in the Fall of 2020, she is also continuing to develop Innovation Conversations, a speaker platform providing the opportunity for current UConn students to share their ideas, stories, and experiences with senior-level executives and industry leaders.

Zoey is a published journalist, covering topics related to climate change, public health, and social networks. Zoey has continued to explore the role health disparities play in the spread of emerging infectious diseases through a variety of research and community-based projects. Preferring an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to learning, Zoey is currently a part of the Schwartz Lab, housed in the UConn Department of Physiology & Neurobiology as well as several other experiential learning projects.

Zoey works at The Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UConn, where she leads social media and marketing. Prior to this role, she helped coordinate Werth Coffee Chats, a program developed to expose students to non-traditional career pathways and provide opportunities to network with professionals before graduation.

At UConn, Zoey is part of the inaugural F3 Werth Innovator Leadership Development (WILD) cohort at The Werth Institute and heavily involved in several initiatives through the Dean of Students office. Other extracurriculars she’s involved in include Model United Nations, Global Health Spaces on Campus, and UConn SWIPES. She was also a 2019-2020 NATO-ACT student representative, serving as Secretary-General and press corps member.

Zoey spends a great deal of time volunteering with the U.S. Medical Reserve Corps in various capacities and the UConn American English Language Institute as a Conversation Partner. In her free time, Zoey likes to relax with her dog, whom she is training to become therapy certified. She is an award-winning cellist and nature photographer, with her favorite subjects being honeybees and migratory butterflies. You can oftentimes find Zoey reading, practicing her Spanish, listening to a podcast, or attempting to craft the perfect macaron.