About Zoey

With experience in both the private and public sectors, Zoey England is currently the Chief of Staff at the Werth Institute.  Passionate about social and creative entrepreneurship as a catalyst for change, Zoey is also a published journalist, covering topics related to climate change, public health, and social networks.


In her free time, Zoey likes to relax with her dog, whom she is training to become therapy certified. She is an award-winning cellist and nature photographer, with her favorite subjects being honeybees and migratory butterflies. You can oftentimes find Zoey reading, practicing her Spanish, listening to a podcast, or attempting to craft the perfect macaron.

A proud Husky, Zoey graduated from the University of Connecticut with an individualized B.A. in Population Health, Disease, & Policy.

I am Founder of:


PhyMap provides technologically independent epidemiological disease mapping for resource-sparce communities using the innate capabilities of a biological avatar 

Innovation Conversations

Through a collaboration between The Werth Institute and the UConn Foundation, Innovation Conversations is a speaker platform providing opportunities for current UConn students to share their ideas, stories, and experiences with senior-level executives and industry leaders